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The Finnish Astrobiology Network (FAN) was established May 20, 2003 in Turku, southwest Finland.

The operative aims of the Network associaton include:

  • to create and maintain contacts between researchers working on astrobiology and related themes in Finland
  • to encourage national co-operation in astrobiology teaching affairs
  • to maintain webpages on astrobiology in Finland
  • make international contacts with researchers working on astrobiology around the world
  • to arrange scientific conferences, workshops and meetings for Finnish astrobiologists

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In congenial collaboration with the University of Turku, FAN had pleasure to organize the 7th European Workshop on Astrobiology at the University of Turku at October 2007. The European Workshop on Astrobiology is the most important annual European meeting on astrobiology and related fields. Workshop 2007 assembled to Turku about 180 astrobiology enthusiasted scientists and students around the Europe and other countries.

Finnish Astrobiology Network is member of the European Astrobiology Network Association (EANA). This offers us an active access to participate international co-operation in astrobiological research. Furthermore, EANA is member of worldwide Federation of Astrobiological Organizations (FAO).

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In general questions you may contact FAN through our contact form which will be found in menu on the left.

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